Leaving for Boston

In a few days, our specialists will attend the international annual SOSORT conference, which will be held in Boston, USA, from May 1 to 4 (please visit the website to register for the event or to learn more about it).   ISICO will present a remarkable number of eight abstracts during the conference, two of which are Personal and Clinical […]

Scoliosis and pregnancy: it’s possible!

The Isico blog is a dedicated space…

A Christmas Carol from Isico

Our very best wishes for Christmas and 2020: a whole new year…


Marta Pagnini is a former Italian gymnast, captain of the Italian…

Can scoliosis be treated with exercises?

The answer is yes, and they are indeed fundamental, but sometimes…

What happens when scoliosis is left untreated?

Our paper entitled “The natural history of idiopathic scoliosis…

When the brace turns you strong

Cecilia is 18, and she has been wearing a brace for the past…

Scoliosis in the elderly: why exercises are important

When talking about scoliosis, one often immediately thinks…

Spine Week 2020

Registration is now open for Spine Week 2020 which will…