Our approach

Our approach

Every year, we see around 8,000 patients from both Italy and numerous (to date 28) other countries worldwide.

In addition to our main clinic in Milan, which is also our facility for international patients, we have a further 27 clinics in different parts of Italy.  

Common treatment protocols

Our treatment plans are drawn up by medical specialists and physiotherapists, applying the same agreed protocols and adopting a team-based approach that is crucial for the success of the treatments prescribed, which can often last many years.

Why do we stand out as providers of treatment for scoliosis?

  • We apply SEAS: the Scientific Exercises Approach to Scoliosis
  • We use the Sforzesco brace: this brace was created and developed by Isico

Effective treatments

The effectiveness of the techniques we adopt is scientifically proven internationally.
We offer our patients personalised treatments, and we always choose the least invasive approach.

A stepwise approach

The first step is to establish the aims of the treatment: this is done by the medical specialist and patient together.

Then, the rehabilitation program is planned by the physiotherapist and the patient, working together. 

Finally, the physiotherapist teaches the patient how to do the specific exercises that he/she will need to carry on doing at home.
After that, the patient returns to the centre only periodically for check-ups and, if necessary, adjustment of the treatment.

All this makes for an easy and less costly course of treatment.

Placing the individual at the heart of the process  

We never stop asking ourselves why it is that patients choose to use our centres and place their trust in our specialists, and what they expect from the experts who take on their care.
These are essential questions that we always bear in mind, because we are convinced that there is always room for improvement, and we always should strive to offer our patients the very best we can.
Treatments should be based on scientific evidence, but also medical and human experience. 

The 10 key principles of our work

  1. Effectiveness: the validity of the techniques we use is scientifically proven, and we avoid alternative/traditional methods for which there is no evidence.
  2. Efficiency: our protocols are designed to be as efficient as they are effective, in other words to be time-efficient and economical.
  3. Research: we combine constant research activity with our daily clinical activity, and this serves as a guarantee of continuous quality improvement.
  4. Innovation: we believe that effective and efficient techniques must be developed and then promptly implemented in clinical practice.
  5. Adaptability: we favour techniques that can be adapted to the needs and preferences of the patient, who is never regarded as the object of the treatment; instead, the treatment should focus on the patient as a person.  
  6. The human dimension: through constant exchanges and the provision of psychological support, we always ensure that the patient is at the heart of the treatment process.
  7. Teamwork: all the professionals involved in the patient’s treatment work closely together 
  8. Transparency: we keep full and detailed records of everything we do, and these can be accessed by the patient or his/her general practitioner at any time.
  9. Organisation: by applying correct organisational principles, we can implement continuous improvement processes.
  10. Treatment appropriateness and reliability: our application of the above-listed principles naturally results in appropriate and reliable treatments for our patients.  

Isico approach in a book

Isico published in 2007 a book presenting the approach to spinal deformities, adopted in our Centers.