What is SEAS

SEAS is an acronym for “Scientific Exercises Approach to Scoliosis”. The principles of SEAS are based on a specific form of auto-correction (termed active self-correction), that is taught individually to each single patient, and then associated with stabilizing exercises which include neuromotor control, proprioceptive training and balance. The exercises are also incorporated into daily living activities. The SEAS approach is also characterized by a cognitive-behavioural approach towards the patient and his family to maximize compliance to treatment

Exercise treatment is the key to a good rehabilitation approach to scoliosis.
The aim with SEAS exercises is to avoid or at least postpone bracing, and to arrive at the end of growth with a presumably stable curvature.
When a brace has already been prescribed, exercises are mandatory in order to avoid all side effects of bracing, to increase its function, and to allow the spine to be stable during the weaning period and when the brace is abandoned.

Why should you adopt the SEAS approach?

  • Evidence in literature. Up to now, there is a body of evidence on the SEAS approach suggesting the effectiveness of the approach at different stages and in different situations of scoliosis management.
  • Outstanding enlargement of patients eligible for the treatment. The exercise program consists of individually adapted exercises that are taught to patients in a facility dedicated to scoliosis treatment.
    Patients perform a single session every 2-3 months in the facility, in which they are evaluated by a scoliosis expert physiotherapist and learn their own personalized exercise protocol.
    Then, patients will attend your center to do exercises or, if they come from far apart, they’ll continue the treatment in a rehabilitation facility near home (or by themselves and/or with their parents).
    As a consequence patients coming from far apart will be able to attend the rehabilitation program in your center, as happens everyday in our centers in Italy. No specific expensive devices are needed.
  • Free Software Access via internet. This is ScoliosisManager. ISICO makes available via internet for free, the software developed in these years with hundreds of SEAS exercises ready for use. In this course you’ll learn how to use the software and, what is the key point, to choose and adapt exercises based on the individual needs of the patient.