Teleprevention: a video

If we analyse it, movement, in general, is part of different aspects of our lives: knowledge, therapies, human relationships… And, of course, we are also talking about physical activity: our body in motion! 

More than anything, movement promotes wellbeing, mental as well as physical, and above all, it helps to prevent conditions of the kind our specialists deal with, such as low back pain and neck pain. The more we move, the less susceptible we are to such ailments.

Our director of physiotherapy, Michele Romano, has prepared a video in which he explains how to prevent back pain and presents a series of simple exercises to be done at home.
They take up very little time and you don’t need any equipment to do them: preventive exercises in telehealth mode
Share our exercise programme using the hashtag #isicotelemedicine. 

Take a look at the video!

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