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A Fairytale Handbook

One morning, looking at herself in the mirror, Fairy Vertebra notices her back looking bent. Although she asks all her friends, no one can tell her why! In the end, it is Dr Bones who has the answer, and he uses a word she has never heard before: scoliosis!

So begins the fairytale that we have written to help our youngest patients understand scoliosis: what it is, how it is treated, why and how a brace is worn, how to handle different aspects of daily life (friends, school, sporting activities, and so on) “in a brace”.
It is all put in simple language, and there are also lots of pictures to look at and colour in. It provides valuable information to be borne in mind until they have finally finished with their brace and, like the fairy in the story, are ready to “fly off” on new adventures.

Read Fairy Vertebra’s story and discover what Dr Bones has to say!

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Do You Wear a Brace?

Here is Isico’s Advice

How should a brace be worn? Who should I contact if my brace breaks? How do I know how many hours I can leave it off? Can I swim and bathe in it, and travel by plane?
I could really use a little self-help guide about my brace: where can I get one? 

It is natural to have many questions and concerns when you start wearing a brace.

In this colourful and charmingly illustrated booklet, Isico lists and tries to answer most of the questions you might have. 

Obviously, this practical and valuable little handbook is no substitute for the expert support of your doctor or physiotherapist.
It does provide you with a series of practical and quick tips to apply in your daily life.

This booklet is available in several languages.

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Life After Scoliosis Treatment

Eventually, the time will come when you will no longer need the support provided by exercises and a brace and will be ready to continue your daily life on your own.

At this point, although you will feel lighter and freer than before, you may also feel anxious, as you will probably have numerous questions and doubts that the make future seem more complicated than you expected.
Such as: can I now consider my back the same as other people’s? Are there sports that I can and can’t do? Will I have to go on getting treatment all my life? Can I have children?
So, with you in mind, we have put together our answers and advice in a practical handbook, available to everyone.
In it, we tell you what to expect after treatment, explain some anatomical concepts, and list activities that may destabilise the spine, and must be avoided; we also tell you what medical checks to have and when to have them, and what to do in pregnancy.
A series of emoticon-inspired illustrations accompany all this advice!

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