Telemedicine: patients’ feedback

While Isico has organized to reopen in total safety its clinics throughout Italy (the reopening was on May 11th ), our work never stopped thanks to the Telemedicine, started two months ago. Weeks later, we are sure that it was the best choice for this specific moment we are experiencing because it allowed us to stay close to our patients and carry out the therapies. We have passed 3000 consultations, and many patients not only from Italy but also from abroad declared that they are fully satisfied with the solution proposed.
Like Simone from Germany and Laurie from Switzerland, both of them having their daughters treated in Isico. 

Here is their feedback.

The Telemedicine visit with Isico was fantastic. Isico was perfectly prepared and communicated to us exactly what we needed to do far in advance of the visit. Their videos explained everything very clearly in Italian and English and the upload of the requested data was easy to accomplish. We wouldn’t hesitate to do this again in the future, if needed. Thank you, Isico, for ensuring continued patient care, even during this challenging time!
Laurie, Swizterland

I always wanted to have the possibility to use telemedicine. Even if the current circumstances are not the circumstances I wished for, I was very happy for the offer from ISICO to try Telemedicine. I knew that it would require some hours of preparation at least for the first time, so I procrastinated for at least two or three weeks. But then I decided to force myself through the whole process. I was very astonished about the tool “weTransfer”, it is possible to send huge data. It took me about 20 minutes to send the x-rays and I just made sure that my computer didn’t turn off during the transmission. ISICO helped me before to find the right documents on the CD. Taking pictures was very easy with the explanations from ISICO. For the video I bought a scoliometer through Amazon. The cheapest one costs 20 € and a very professional one 98 €. My husband took the video and I made the measurements with the scoliometer. The consultation with the doctor and afterwords with the therapist were more than great. It was above our expectations. Our doctor could fully assess the current brace and we spoke about the further treatment. Our therapist gave my daughter a full set of new exercises. He really saw even the tiniest movements to correct. This kind of consultation is much more comfortable for us than the long travel with flights and train and metro from Munich to Milan. We definitely want to proceed this way and we are very thankful that we got the chance to use Telemedicine.
Simone, Germany

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