About us

About us

Founded in 2003, the Italian Scientific Spine Institute (ISICO) promotes and develops an innovative approach to the rehabilitation treatment of non-surgical diseases of the spine in individuals of all ages, from children to the elderly.

Isico stands out for its considerable and cutting-edge clinical expertise, especially in the rehabilitation treatment of scoliosis.

Isico is an international reference point on account of its scientific research activity and the training programs it runs both in Italy and abroad. 

Evidence-based treatment

We use protocols and instruments of scientifically proven efficacy. Indeed, at Isico, medical practice is conducted according to the Evidence-Based Clinical Practice (EBP) approach, which has been defined as “the integration of the best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values”.

Simple, personalised treatment programmes

The importance of the individual is a defining principle of everything we do: indeed, without in any way neglecting the patient’s medical needs, we always endeavor to address the psychological impact of the disease. 

Following common and shared protocols, our medical specialists and physiotherapists work together as a rehabilitation team.

By working out personalized targets and treatments, we seek to enhance the effectiveness of the programs we prescribe.
The physiotherapist teaches the patient how to do the specific exercises that he/she will need to carry on doing at home.

This helps to make following the treatment easier and less costly.

At the forefront of research and leaders in education

Isico collaborates with research institutes and universities and participates in research projects funded by the European Union (Horizon 2020).

We are active members of SOSORT (the International Scientific Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment). 

Isico publishes research in international scientific journals and is among the world’s leading groups in terms of the number of publications dealing with the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis.

We contribute to training initiatives in this field.

Specifically, we organize the international “Spine&Rehabilitation” congress; an annual Italian Master’s program on the treatment of vertebral pathologies (www.masterisico.it); our annual online World Master Course on “Principles and Practice of Scoliosis Conservative Treatment” (www.scoliosismaster.org); and numerous international courses on the SEAS protocol.

A timeline of achievements

2003 We open our first Isico clinic in Milan.
2004 The first Sforzesco brace is prescribed (in place of a plaster cast).
2005 The first “Congresso R&R” (national meeting) is held in Milan.
2006 www.scoliosi.org, the Isico blog aimed at patients with scoliosis, goes online.
2007 Scoliosis Manager, our in-house software for the treatment of spinal disorders, is launched.
2008 Isico introduces the SpineCor® dynamic brace as a treatment option. We are still the only ones in Italy offering this type of treatment
2009 Isico launches its first Italian Master’s course devoted to the field of rehabilitation. 
2010 Scoliosis and brace treatment: Thermobrace enters clinical practice.
2011 The first “Concorsetto” (a nationwide competition for brace wearers) is held.
2012 10 years after the founding of Isico, we open the Rome clinic, taking the total number of clinics in Italy to 20.
2013 Our training course for foreigners on the SEAS protocol reaches the USA and then Asia.
2014 Isico strengthens its online presence by opening a Facebook page and launching IsicoTv (a YouTube channel).
2015 Scolio-See, our first three-year European scientific research project within the FP7 program, comes to an end.
2016 Isico launches the World Master Course, its first international online Master’s course.  
2017 The national meeting (“Congresso R&R”) doubles in size and is made available in streaming.
2018 Isico contributes significantly (4 authors) to the updated International Sosort Guidelines on the treatment of scoliosis.
2019 Isico is present on all social media
2020 First edition of the Online World Master Course in Chinese language
2021 Launch of the free APP also for professionals
2022 Isico organises the first international online course on the Sforzesco brace
2023 Isico participates in the Horizon project PREPARE