World Master Course

ISICO in 2016 started to organize an annual distance-learning course, open to participants from all over the world, to specialize professionals in Principles and Practice of Scoliosis Conservative Treatment (PPSCT), with the participation of a Faculty whose members are actually considered as the most recognized experts in the field worldwide.

The past editions were a great success, involving participants coming from all five continents, engaged in an ongoing learning process that is actually both captivating and effective.

As one of the past participants, Shawn Hi from Usa, told “Thanks for the excellent course provided. This is the most thoroughly organized course I Have ever had. The main purpose for me is to really have a systemic opportunity to learn scoliosis. I think I achieved this goal. This course is really great. I learned a lot. Now I feel more confident to discuss scoliosis. Thank you so much for organize such a wonderful course”

Scoliosis master


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The World Master Endorsement

The Master Course has been endorsed by the ISPRM Education committee and the ESPRM Endorsement committee