ISSLS 2022: Fabio Zaina’s take

Finished SOSORT Meeting, ISICO physiatrist Fabio Zaina headed to Boston where the 48th ISSLS Annual Meeting, another international event that, following the hiatus due to the pandemic, could finally be staged in the normal way again. Dr Zaina represented ISICO by giving a presentation which was one of the 8 selected for presentation to the general assembly at the […]

Scoliosis: a sensor for better bracing treatment

“Ever since 2010, we at Isico have been using Thermobrace, a…

Sabrina Donzelli and Alessandra Negrini speakers in Barcelona

Isico once again played an active part in the Spanish national…

SEAS: after Serbia, China wraps things up

From 14 to 16 June, Michele Romano, our director of physical…

WCPT: reports from Alessandra Negrini and Michele Romano

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ISSLS: Isico will be in Kyoto, too

Isico will be at the forthcoming ISSLS Annual Meeting…

ISYQOL performs better than SRS22

An Isico study entitled  The Italian Spine Youth Quality…

Bracing herself to dance! A video experience

Alessia Mancini, 17,  a patient at our centre since…