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My treatment hasn’t had the desired effect: why?

Sometimes, even when a patient has followed the prescribed course…

Sforzesco in-brace corrections visible with EOS images

The aim of our study “The three-dimensional analysis of the…

Scoliosis: can it harm the lungs?

Can scoliosis harm the respiratory system? Patients often ask…

Telemedicine: patients' feedback

While Isico has organized to reopen in total safety its clinics…

Conservative or surgical treatment in adults? Two steps of therapy

Is there an alternative treatment to another in adults with…

Seas: how it evolves to move forward

Due to the Coronavirus emergency and the consequent restrictive…

Teleprevention: a video

If we analyse it, movement, in general, is part of different…



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Research is a prior commitment for ISICO. It is performed through a close cooperation with the main Italian Research Institutes and with the most important Italian and foreign Universities, that operate in the sector of spinal pathologies. ISICO warrants the active systematic participation to the most important world sector-conferences and the promotion of excellence nets at a national and European level.

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Founded in 2003 Isico stands out for its considerable and cutting-edge clinical expertise, especially in the rehabilitation treatment of scoliosis.

We apply SEAS: the Scientific Exercises Approach to Scoliosis

We use the Sforzesco brace created and developed by Isico