Online congress in Brazil for the month of scoliosis

On behalf of the “Green June 2021 – Organisation Committee” from the Brazilian Scoliosis Treatment Society (Sociedade Brasileira de Tratamento da Escoliose – SBTE), the 1st online Brazilian Scoliosis Congress will take place in June from 25th to 27th.
“This initiative is unprecedented in Brazil and tries to provide quality information – comments Isis Navarro, physiotherapist cooperating with the organizer- in this way, we want to promote awareness of scoliosis for patients, families, students and professionals”.
Three Isico scoliosis experts have been included among the international speakers in the online event: Dr Sabrina Donzelli will give a presentation focusing on the current evidence in the conservative treatment of scoliosis; Michele Romano, Isico physiotherapy director, will give a lecture on the SEAS approach, while Alessandra Negrini, an Isico physiotherapist as well, will talk about “Sports and Scoliosis”.
For more information and for registration please follow this link