Launched in Geneva, the WRA and the rehabilitation song

In July, during the 3rd Global Rehabilitation 2030 meeting, with 82 founding organisations, the World Rehabilitation Alliance was launched in Geneva.
Prof. Stefano Negrini, scientific director of Isico, director of Cochrane Rehabilitation and Cochrane representative, was there, as well as in May when the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution on “Strengthening rehabilitation in health systems” to improve access to rehabilitation care.

The World Rehabilitation Alliance (WRA) is a WHO global network of stakeholders whose mission is to support the implementation of the Rehabilitation 2030 Initiative and the resolution through advocacy activities.

During the meeting, a number of key tools, which WHO and stakeholders have been developing for a number of years, were launched. The WHO’s Rehabilitation Programme is working to integrate rehabilitation into national health systems and train health workers.

song about rehabilitation, written by three-time Grammy Award winner Ricky Kej, was presented at the July conference. Here is the presentation video:

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