Kinesiophobia and its association with treatment choice in individuals with idiopathic scoliosis

Every year, the Italian Scoliosis Study Group selects the best published papers on conservative spine treatment from the global scientific literature.
Here is the abstract from one of these papers. 

Kinesiophobia and its association with treatment choice in individuals with idiopathic scoliosis 

Gozde Yagci, Damlagul Aydin Ozcan, Cigdem Ayhan Kuru, Yavuz Yakut  

Back Musculoskelet Rehabil. 2021 Oct 29PMID: 34744071 DOI:10.3233/BMR-210111


Background: Previous studies have reported increased kinesiophobia in adults with degenerative scoliosis or adolescents who have undergone spinal surgery. However, little is known about the phenomenon of kinesiophobia among adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis (IS).

Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate levels of kinesiophobia and its association with treatment choice in IS.

Methods: The study included 98 IS patients with a mean age of 14 years and 20 healthy controls. Participants with IS were divided into groups based on treatment conditions, as follows: (1) untreated (n= 33); (2) treated with exercise (n= 32); and (3) treated with a brace (n= 33). Kinesiophobia was measured using the Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia (TSK). Comparisons were made between four groups.

Results: Untreated participants with IS were found to have greater kinesiophobia than healthy controls (p< 0.001). Participants treated with a brace (p= 0.046) and exercise (p= 0.064) had similar kinesiophobia levels as the healthy control group.

Conclusions: Kinesiophobia was found to be higher in adolescents with IS compared to healthy peers. Brace or exercise treatment both had a positive impact on kinesiophobia. These findings should be considered when organizing rehabilitation programs to achieve the best results for adolescents with IS.

Keywords: Scoliosis; brace; exercise therapy; fear; movement.

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