In recent days, in response to the unfolding of the dramatic and unprecedented health crisis, we at Isico have doubled our commitment to our patients and stepped up our efforts to support them. We have lost no time in looking for new systems and solutions that will allow us to continue our mission, both as a clinical institute, but also as doctors, therapists and specialists: an entire staff at the service of our patients. Drawing on the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, both clinical-scientific and technological, we are ready to launch a system that will allow us to provide examinations and treatments online, an approach called Telemedicine.

This is actually not a new development for us, but rather an acceleration, given that, for some time now, we have been developing the option of offering some of our treatments remotely. Furthermore, over the years we have already provided remote care to the increasingly numerous patients who contact us from abroad, for whom we have developed several specific protocols and telemedicine techniques.

“In the present emergency situation, we have unified all these processes in order to produce a complete remote health care package (examinations and treatment) for all our young patients” explains Prof. Stefano Negrini, medical and scientific director of Isico. “This approach is a hugely important opportunity for patients: these are patients whose condition involves a long and difficult course of treatment, and it prevents their hard work and sacrifices from going to waste. This new approach also reflects our determination to do all we can to reduce the burden on our National Health System, which is wrestling with the emergency, and also to do our bit for our country and for the many families that face unexpected economic hardship (we will be offering examinations and treatments at reduced rates). Obviously, these services will remain unchanged in terms of duration, timing and quality. This telemedicine service will be accessible as well to foreign patients, especially since in the past, several Isico patients coming from afar and unable to travel to our facility too often for logistical reasons, used this option”.

It will still be possible to undergo medical examinations and treatments at our clinics, but this possibility will only be offered to patients who, during telemedicine sessions, are identified by the physician and therapist as unusual cases that absolutely must be seen in person.

During remote examinations, the medical specialist will evaluate the patient and, on the basis of this evaluation, decide whether further examinations are required and what treatment is needed” says Prof. Negrini. “We strongly feel that we are offering an important service, available to whoever needs us, both the patients already in our care and new patients. Should we have been looking for further confirmation of the value of our approach, in recent days the New England Journal of Medicine published an editorial entitled Virtually Perfect? Telemedicine for Covid-19which remarks that “disasters and pandemics pose unique challenges to health care delivery. Though telehealth will not solve them all, it’s well suited for scenarios in which infrastructure remains intact and clinicians are available to see patients”.  
Isico has equipped itself to be, until the emergency ends, a digital institute: we encourage you to listen to what Prof. Stefano Negrini

and Dr Michele Romano, director of physical therapy in Isico,

have to say about how Isico is evolving in order to guarantee the accessibility and quality of the care it provides.

Together we can get through this difficult time.