World Master 2020: let’s go!

On January 16 the World Master Online officially opened, now in its fifth edition. Participants come from all over the world with the entry of countries like Colombia, Armenia, Norway, Egypt and Mongolia for the first time.
It is the only online International Master that offers the possibility of training on the Rehabilitation Treatment of Scoliosis.
Over the years there have been over 200 participants, coming from 50 countries for 5 continents.
The Online course does not stop growing, so much so that one of the ideas in the pipeline is to expand the editions, starting to work alongside the English one in Chinese, as we have been asked several times.
What do they say about the Master? “I recommend the experts interested in Scoliosis conservative treatment join this course“. And also “The content is extensive, up to date and evidenced-based. This course gives clinicians a profound understanding of scoliosis and non-surgical management”.

For more info please visit the website:

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