Living in a brace

We know how important it is to share experiences and get comfort from those who are going through the same difficulties in a tiring and demanding therapy like that with exercises and braces. For this reason, a few months ago, we collected short testimonies from some of our patients participating in a summer camp organised by Isico.

Below, you can find one of these

I’m Alice- and I’ve been wearing a brace for more than two years. When I first got it, I was in my first year of High-School, and at the time, I was allowed 8 brace-off hours a day. Since I didn’t want to have to give up my dance and music, I started wearing my brace to school right from the start. I’ve never had any problems at school.

Between 2021 (when I first started my treatment) and today, I have managed to change, so drastically, the way I see my brace. The thing that helped me the most was being open about it, first with the people closest to me, of course. The fact that I stopped “hiding” my situation actually worked to my advantage.

My closest friends have always been very understanding and have never said anything even vaguely offensive. This has given me the confidence not to care or worry if someone notices my brace or if I have to mention it.

A very important person on this path was my physio Marta, whose sweet and smiley nature has made me enjoy my physiotherapy sessions, which, in theory, you would expect to be extremely boring.

Finally, I have to mention the summer camp in Riva del Garda Isico organised by Isico. It is a week-long camp where anyone can take part, as long as they wear or have worn a brace. This year I participated for the second time, together with the people who are probably my best friends, the other “braced guys” I met there last year. With them, going around with just your brace on, bathing in the lake, and swimming (as best you can, given your blocked back) were never a problem. In fact, we have loads of photos that show how much fun we all had. I know from experience how useful it can be to get to know someone who is in the same situation as you!

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