World Master: Rosemary Marchese’s stay with Isico

World Master: Rosemary Marchese’s stay with Isico

Isico offers those taking its ONLINE MASTER COURSE “Principles and Practice of Scoliosis Conservative Treatment“, which it has now been running for three years, the chance to see clinical practice in operation at our institute’s Milan headquarters.
Registrations are still open and participants registering by 15 December will benefit from a reduced rate.

Rosemary Marchese, one of the 2019 course participants, decided to take advantage of this opportunity and flew over from Australia specially. While she was here, we decided to ask her about her experience as one of our “students”. Thank you for the chat, Rosemary!

Could you tell us about your studies?

This course has been an amazing opportunity to learn from world experts in scoliosis! What a great opportunity to have access to some of the finest educators in this field. The course is well organised with comprehensive modules on topics useful for my work. The modules ran over two weeks, which allowed time for listening to lectures, reading of literature and involvement in discussions with other course participants from around the world. I thought each module finishing with a live lecture was just a perfect way to consolidate learning in a collaborative fashion.

What is your profession?

I am a physiotherapist, specialising in scoliosis management. 

Why you did register for the World Master course?

I wanted to learn from world leaders and consolidate and update my education following my SEAS and Schroth training.
What makes the World Master different from other educational courses and masters programmes? 

It is ALL applicable to my day-to-day work: every single module, lecture, all the content, and every discussion has been relevant. I really enjoyed and valued the ability to manage my own time in the two-week modules, but that there was also an end point to each module to keep the momentum going.
Are you satisfied with what you have learned?

Yes! I have found it to be a great learning opportunity!
If you were asked to recommend the course, what would you say?

I would highly recommend this course to medical professionals and allied health professionals wanting to further extend their fundamental knowledge in scoliosis management. If you are looking for course 100% dedicated to scoliosis, and designed and delivered in a modern format, then I highly recommend this course.

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