Sforzesco: the video!

Sforzesco brace in a new video!

The Sforzesco brace has two particular boasts: it is “made in Italy” and it is also tailor made. It now features in a new video, created on the basis of a brief extract from a lesson given by Prof. Stefano Negrini during the 2018 World Master Course. But this video isn’t only about the brace and its characteristics; above all, it features patients who wear the Sforzesco and show that they can “do pretty much everything in it” !

Developed in 2004 by Isico, the Sforzesco brace was designed to replace the use of plaster casts and offer patients a solution allowing them freedom of movement and the ability to get on with their everyday activities, including any sporting activities. Data collected through our research studies, published in the international literature, show that the Sforzesco is just as effective as plaster casts; moreover, patients find it much more bearable and therefore accept it more readily, not least because it can be adapted to their individual needs.
Why not take a look at the video!

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