The Italian Spine Youth Quality of Life questionnaire

The Italian Spine Youth Quality of Life questionnaire (ISYQOL) is an instrument that measures the health-related quality of life of adolescents with spinal deformities.

It was developed by Isico in a setting devoted to conservative treatment of all types of spinal deformities, including surgical curves. It is based on concerns expressed by patients and has been shown to be particularly appropriate in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) who have not been treated surgically.

This questionnaire (a brief test comprising just over a dozen questions) is now available online and anyone can access it in order to evaluate their well-being with regard to their back problem (scoliosis, kyphosis or other). Once you have completed the test, you are given a result, to be interpreted following the indications on the site itself. 

The site, which is simple and clear, was created in order to make it easy for professionals, but also lay people, to access the test. At present the test is available in Italian and in English, but versions in other languages will also be added.