Isico at the SRS Annual Meeting

Isico, too, will be present at the forthcoming SRS (Scoliosis Research Society) Annual Meeting, which is taking place in Montreal, Canada, from 18th to 21st September. In fact, a study conducted by Isico has been chosen among the more than one thousand abstracts submitted from all over the world, and we are hugely satisfied about this, given the prestige of this society. Isico will be represented at the event by Prof. Stefano Negrini and Dr Sabrina Donzelli, physiatrist at Isico, who will be participating, as active members, in the conference proceedings, and in the Educational Committee and Non-operative Committee meetings.
Prof. Negrini will be speaking about the  study Idiopathic Scoliosis Cobb Angle Prediction from Clinical Measures. A Geometrical Study of a 7591 Subjects Cohort. As its name indicates, this is an angle prediction study that involves combining two complementary measures of the prominence, namely the angle of trunk rotation (ATR – degrees) and the hump height (HH – mm).  Clinical measurements in a large sample of subjects at high risk of scoliosis were good predictors of the Cobb angle, in particular if HH greater than 10 mm and ATR above 7 in subjects with curves over 20 degrees.
Future studies will verify the diagnostic accuracy of these clinical measures and their combination to predict Cobb degrees during the follow-up of patients under treatment.

Prof. Negrini will also be taking along the preliminary results of SRS-funded research aimed at identifying a predictive model of the evolution of scoliotic curves in untreated patients. Isico has completed the initial verification step and sent a preliminary sample to the Canadian statisticians, who are collaborating on the project. Towards the end of this year our specialists will have the complete sample, therefore, in the first months of next year the Canadian statisticians will be able to develop the predictive models.

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