Eurospine’s education program

Isico’s Dr Zaina is part of the team contributing to the new EUROSPINE Diploma in Interprofessional Spine Care (EDISC) course.

The 2018 Eurospine Congress held in Barcelona saw the unveiling of the new EUROSPINE Diploma in Interprofessional Spine Care (EDISC). The non-surgical task force given the mandate to develop the curriculum for this non-surgical interprofessional diploma includes Dr Fabio Zaina, who is responsible for the spinal deformities module of the course.
The aim of the EUROSPINE course is to optimise the prevention and treatment of spinal disorders and the care of affected patients, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas in this field of research.
The education programme developed by the task force will benefit spine care professionals, the health care system and, more importantly, the patient. Among its outcomes, the diploma programme is expected to motivate participants to change their practice and implement evidence-based, patient-centred and collaborative care.
Two pilot modules are scheduled to take place in 2019 during the EUROSPINE Education Week in Geneva, Switzerland. Preliminary programmes and information about registration for these modules are available on

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