SEAS: a year of enthusiastic recovery, ready for 2023!

2022 was a year of exciting recovery for our international training courses after the pause due to the pandemic. It was not easy to start walking again with still so many unknowns, but the requests and the desire to be able to offer opportunities to learn about our approach to scoliosis with exercises (SEAS) were the march that prompted us to organize thirty courses around the world with hundreds of participants.
From Turkey to Brazil, from the United States to Israel, and from Serbia to Egypt to Hungary, we have organized 23 SEAS Level I courses for 450 participants and 6 SEAS Level II courses for 119 participants.
Many enthusiastic comments and experiences gathered worldwide: “The course was AMAZING!!! I really appreciate the structure and flow. SEAS has made a very complicated spinal dysfunction easier to understand. All the research really validates how we should treat our patients. I am so grateful for the generosity in sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world. Alessandra is a master instructor and I would be honoured to take another one of her classes!!!!!” and again, “WOW!! Can’t say enough good things about the class and instructor!! I learned so much new important information and techniques in the few days of this course even though I have prior training with PSSE and several years of experience with it. I am already putting this to work with my patients (and myself who also has scoliosis) on return from the course and seeing fantastic results“. And also “This information will be such a tremendous addition to my clinical practice! I have several teens who will be so relieved to have their programs modified to incorporate these accessible and simple SEAS exercises”.

SEAS doesn’t stop, though! In January, we start again with Brazil and the United States, from January 13 to 15, respectively in Porto Alegre and Austin, Texas.

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