Calling Scoliosis Bracing Experts: how to participate

Aim: To create a classification of braces, with the help of a panel of super experts from all over the world. 
This initiative, born of the synergy between three scientific societies, SOSORT, SRS and ISPO , is being coordinated by Prof. Stefano Negrini, scientific director of Isico.

We are appealing to scoliosis bracing experts to join in this multi-society effort geared at producing a new classifica-tion system for braces. 
“Today’s braces are still named after those who invented them, and as such they are not organised into a logical classification of any kind. Although there exists an anatomical clas-sification, it doesn’t provide any data on the features of the different types of brace” explains Prof. Negrini. “We therefore need to find true experts for this project”.

What are the requirements to participate? “There will be a first group of top experts, those who have been prescribing or constructing braces at a rate of at least 500 a year for at least 15 years, and who also have documented experience at international conferences” Prof. Negrini goes on. “This group will meet and compare notes with a second group of ex-perts, who, for the past decade, have been prescribing at least 300 braces a year”. 

Anyone who meets these requirements and wants to apply to take part is invited to contact Prof. Stefano Negrini –

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