Isico launches the second edition of the Sforzesco Course

After a first edition, organised in 2022, that saw participants from 13 countries worldwide, Isico is launching the second edition dedicated to the deepening and construction of its Sforzesco corset.

The combination of theoretical lessons presented by the Isico experts and the practical instructions given by the CPOs who collaborate with Isico are the winning points of this course, which recaptures the knowledge gained over 20 years of clinical practice with more than 10,000 patients wearing our Sforzesco braces.  
This second edition is entirely self-administered by the participants, and you can enrol at any time, without a deadline.
A live lesson will be held in December to summarise the material and address participants’ questions.  

Why joining? According to one of the participants in the last edition: “This training will be the starting point for the new chapter in our facility for the treatment of scoliosis. It will help me implement new strategies in current brace construction about the sagittal profile and in starting construction of the Sforzesco brace“. 
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Sforzesco course: starting with participants from 12 countries around the world!

It is a bit as if an appointment had been made from all over the world for the launch of the Sforzesco online course, which started last May 18 with the first module, given that there are 12 countries from which the various participants are coming.
From Brazil to Cambodia, from Singapore to Malaysia passing through Morocco, Syria, Turkey, Japan, United States, Italy, Latvia and Bosnia-Herzegovina: a world of multi-layered experiences.
The starting point of the Course is the presentation of the Sforzesco brace in its evolution from the first years of application to the current relevant innovations, accompanied and supported by the results of research in ISICO, published in indexed international literature.
These lectures are presented by Isico physiatrists Prof Stefano Negrini and Dr Fabio Zaina, in addition to the orthopaedic Isico doctor, dr Monia Lusini accompanied by several lectures held directly by CPOs who collaborate with ISICO in the realization of the Sforzesco braces, on the various technical and practical aspects to be taken into account during the design and the fabrication.
The course is divided into 3 modules, each module ends with a live session to make the point on what has been shown and explained.
The first live lecture will be held on June 8th.