Master On Line Course: registration now open!

Since 2016 it is the international online Master for those involved in the rehabilitation treatment of vertebral pathologies: 300 participants since then from all five continents engaged in an ongoing learning process.
The English course was flanked in 2020 by the Chinese edition and in 2021 the Spanish one was added.
Participants have the privilege of attending the lessons of dozens of teachers among the leading international experts in rehabilitation treatment.
A learning opportunity that continues to be successful, in fact, we just opened the registration for the VIII Edition of the Online Master CoursePrinciples and Practice of Scoliosis Conservative Treatment – PPSCT“.
The Early bird registration deadline is December 18th, the course starts on January 2023.

Isico is keen to share its extensive clinical and scientific experience with the course participants, in the hope that this will result, worldwide, in increased availability of good quality conservative treatment with a high success rate.
Those who have already participated say that “This course has broadened my knowledge in scoliosis treatment. It gave me theoretical as well as practical point of view” (Sicca from Indonesia) and also “The course is great, it really covers a broad array of topics pertinent to the conservative management of Scoliosis. This should be a must for anyone involved in Scoliosis management” (Juan from Australia); and also “Thanks to all my colleagues who made this an intellectual adventure!” (Andrew from the USA).

How the course is organized
The PPSCT course is delivered entirely online and self-administered through a dedicated online learning platform. It is divided into 16 modules, each lasting two or three weeks. 
Every single module generally includes three recorded theoretical lectures (each about 45 minutes long), which participants can listen to at a time to suit themselves, enriched by scientific papers as in-depth material to complete the module task.
Discussion Group sessions complement the learning and the exchange with other students focusing on specific aspects of the topic dealt with, within that module.
If you want to know more about the course and know how to register please visit the Online Master website and try a lesson for free.

The online learning experience is narrated by the participants themselves, please watch the video

Online Master: conclusion of edition 2020

Our international online Master 2020 edition has reached its last session. It started as usual in January and for the first time in a double edition, English and Chinese. Thanks to the online formula consolidated over the time we have been able to proceed in the best possible way and absolute normality in this particular year. 
The last live lesson has been given together by the 3 teachers who perform the live lessons individually during the year, with the closing of prof Stefano Negrini, scientific director of Isico.
We remind you that registrations are open for the 2021 edition with lessons from January to November. The lectures are organised in modules self-administered by the participants except live lectures delivered two times a month.

Also the first Chinese edition of the online Master course closed its doors, with excellent prospects for the second edition in 2021.

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