Green June: Gaia, an artistic gymnastics champion

Often, a diagnosis of scoliosis leads to despair and the fear of not being able to live one’s daily life as a “braced.” It is not so.
We don’t want to say that it is easy or doesn’t require many sacrifices, but that despite the brace or wearing it, you can continue, for example, to practice sports. Even at a high competitive level, even with champion results, as in the case of the three stories we offer you this month dedicated to scoliosis.

Will you also wear green in June and share it with the hashtag #weargreenforscoliosis!

Gaia, a passion for artistic gymnastics
In November 2023, Gaia was diagnosed with scoliosis with primary right thoracic and left thoracic lumbar curves. A diagnosis that sounds like a condemnation of her passions. In fact, Gaia loves sports; she is very competitive and has been practicing artistic gymnastics since she was 5 years old. She trains for several hours, three times a week.
There’s no denying that her first thought was: Will I be able to practice gymnastics again? Will I be able to keep my habits the same? At the ISICO Centre, where she is being treated, the doctor who looks after her reassures her, telling her that she shouldn’t have to give up anything, especially gymnastics.

So it was: she continued to practice gymnastics, wearing her now faithful friend for 20 hours a day and training in the 4 hours of freedom, so much so that she won gold on the balance beam and placed second on the trampoline and third on floor exercise. “Our doctor was right—says Gaia—nothing has changed; sports, friends, habits… determination, perseverance, and sacrifice are needed, and, in a few years, I will be able to enjoy a healthy back, better posture, and bearing without having to give up my passions at the same time!”.