Changing schools when you wear a brace

Every year, when the beginning of school comes round, we get asked the same question: “I’m changing school. I’m going to have new classmates and teachers. How should I tell them that I wear a brace?”

Well, the best thing is probably to start by telling the student who sits next to you, and then gradually tell the others. Don’t forget, it’s only a treatment, just like braces to treat teeth or glasses for eye problems.

It can be stressful trying to hide, and there’s absolutely no reason why you should! If your brace is well made it shouldn’t be noticeable under your clothes, although obviously if someone tries to tickle you or give you a hug, then they are going to feel your “shell”.  

Tell your friends about it: some of them might be a bit curious to begin with, others will want to help you with your backpack, and you will probably get teased a bit, but if you treat it as something quite normal then they will soon do the same!

It’s important to think carefully about what to wear for your first days at school. It’s best to choose clothes that make you feel good, and make sure you “wear” a big smile, too. Because even though a new school, like all new experiences, can be a bit scary, it will be exciting and interesting too!

What about those who tease you about your brace? Some classmates will tease you in a nice way, and if that’s the case, there’s no need to get offended. Of course, we all know that there can be some rather stupid people in this world, and wearing a brace is one way of working out who they are. Once you know, you will also know not to take any notice of them.

In fact, wearing a brace is a great way of learning not to care about how others may judge you. It will help you to make sure you only spend time with real friends, those who you know you can always count on! Unfortunately, nothing comes easy in life, and making friends takes time and effort, but you have to be prepared to persevere in order to see the results, just like with your brace!

The people who stick up for you and support you when things are tough are your real friends. As for the rest, take no notice of them. They are just people you happen to know!